Eldon House anniversary photo contest

In 2011 Eldon House celebrated its 50th year anniversary as a museum. Among several events throughout the year was a seasonal photo contest. Participants were invited to submit entries for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I looked forward to participating because it allowed me to mix two of my passions: photography and local history (more specifically Eldon House).

While they didn’t make the Winter category, I caught some rare images of Eldon House after the snowfall we had at the end of March. Everything was coated in a light dusting of snow which was quite enchanting.

So when I finally did get in some submissions I was excited when the judges chose my photos as the winners for the Spring and then the Fall portion of the contest.

Spring was a fun photo to take because the lush green lawn and blooming garden against the white contrast of the house portrayed the fresh feel that only springtime has. The flags on the front of the house flap in the gentle breeze and one can imagine the scent of grass and perfume of the garden.

Fall presented more of a challenge because I wanted a photo that captured the dark mood of October and the ghost stories connected to Eldon House. I laid down on the lawn to take several snaps. I ventured into the ravine at the edge of the property, nearly sliding down the muddy hill to get a different angle of the house. But it was a tree at the front of the property near the end of the gravel walk that I got the picture I wanted.

With the contest at an end only one final thing was to be decided, would either of my submissions be chosen as the overall winner and if so which one? The winning photograph would be framed and there may also be the opportunity to have the photo appear on upcoming Eldon House postcards.

Well, the judges made their choice and they chose my Spring entry! I was very honored to be chosen and excited to receive a beautifully framed copy of the photo from Wilda Thomas of ‘Creative Art and Frame’. Many thanks to Tara Wittmann for keeping me informed and sharing the good news! For more information on the Eldon House photo contest visit their website.


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  1. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations.

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