Back in time – Titanic 100 year anniversary event

On April 14, 2012 Aroma restaurant hosted an exclusive dinner event to mark the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The menu featured 6 of the 12 courses served on the Titanic during its last meal. The restaurant itself is naturally beautiful: an open concept setting inside an enclosed courtyard with exposed brickwork and climbing plants.

Decked out for the event, the restaurant had strung a canopy of flags, an informative Titanic display, and staff completing the mood by wearing costumes. Busboys and waiters wore nautical garb, and Felipe Gomes was dressed as their dutiful Captain.

MisstoricalFiction couldn’t pass up this opportunity to travel back in time to 1912 and get into character. Once I knew we were okay-ed to come aboard, I dug through my costumes and picked a full sleeved black lace number with a long mermaid style silhouette. This dress in itself has a history, I hadn’t worn it in many, many years!

Just as the Hollywood movie hinted that passengers of the Titanic used the trip as an excuse to get all dolled up in their best jewels, I also had a fun new piece of jewelery to debut for this event.  I recently came across a beautiful art deco/Edwardian inspired bracelet with matching earrings from Elizabeth Noel.

This bracelet jumped out at me one Sunday and said BUY ME, rather loudly and obnoxiously, such that I knew I’d vainly lose sleep if I did not buy it right then and there.

When I heard Aroma was having this not-to-be-missed Titanic event, I knew the bracelet would have its premier on a night to remember.

I chose my grandmother’s vintage green velvet coat to take the edge off the chilly April evening, rounding out the ensemble with a modern pair of black, strappy high heels and a metallic silver mesh clutch.

Arriving at the restaurant, fashionably late, the party was in full swing. The hostesses made all feel very welcome; and, coming down the staircase into the restaurant felt quite like boarding the Titanic.

A great display of memorabilia and nautical paraphernalia was set out to peruse while we waited for a table. After having my coat taken and being shown to a table with a great view, I looked around the room and noticed many others dressed in 1912 garb. Ladies in big hats, men in top hats, and is that…really…a white furry wrap of some sort…fake…no, I see feet! Authentic to be sure.

The waiter produced an excellent white wine…nothing fancy, but a perfect number 1 or 2,  so it was just the thing. As I took my first sip I heard in the background music starting up and the sound of Victoria Gydov‘s lovely soprano voice drifting across the room. As she gracefully made her way from table to table she sang several songs throughout the evening from contemporary to opera. Her voice made the evening so much more magical, and it wasn’t hard to imagine what entertainment and evening events were like aboard the luxury vessel in 1912.

Felipe Gomes was a gracious host, stopping at each table to say hello or wish guests goodnight, bringing around a fun treasure chest of little prizes.

Thanks to the natural beauty of the restaurant, Victoria’s enchanting voice and the attention of the staff and owner, the anniversary of the Titanic was well honored on this night, proving that those who died on the ship and in the water will never be forgotten.

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  1. Great post, sorry I missed it!

  2. How wonderful!! It would have been so much fun to attend, and I am quite envious. Sounds like you had a good time.

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