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MisstoricalFiction’s One Year Anniversary!

This month MisstoricalFiction turns one year old!

I can hardly believe that a year has passed already!

Thank you to my subscribers, readers, and those of you who have commented on and shared my Blog. I enjoy writing about local history events in amongst my other writing and research. Your positive support and feedback are appreciated!

So how did MisstoricalFiction celebrate her anniversary? Well she did what many of us do with birthdays and anniversaries: she stretched it out as long as possible celebrating with friends and using it as an excuse to go SHOPPING!!

The first afternoon with a friend turned up a stunning silver cameo necklace at Elizabeth Noel that couldn’t be ignored due the similarity to MisstoricalFiction’s logo.

The next outing started with a lunch at the Early Bird (very cool decor, kind of rockabilly meets steampunk). This restaurant opened in February and serves all day breakfast, a few very delicious vegan/vegetarian options, and many other tasty selections. They also have  friendly, efficient staff and play a good mix of cool tunes.

After a delicious lunch, it was off to visit Sue Glass at Frilly Lizard. The store recently underwent some major renovations and the place looked great. Love the new black and white motif inspired by Twiggy! This has been and remains one of my very favorite stores in London. We stopped in to see if MisstoricalFiction could buy herself a new hat and maybe a cute dress.

Thanks to the fabulous selection Filly Lizard didn’t dissapoint! The new hat is very jaunty in a mad hatter style which is quite fun.

Then, there was the invite to pop down to Toronto for a day and have a very good friend acting as guide. We visited the neighborhood known as “The Junction” where we visited a delicious vegan bakery and many cool shops, one of which was called Trap Door Boutique.

I was hoping Vincent Marcone still had his artwork displayed there; and, while sadly it wasn’t, I was very glad to have stopped in. 

This boutique was one of the best along the strip, especially for jewelry selection. Some very unique pieces caught my eye, two of which included irresistible artwork by an unknown artist.

This store also carried solid perfume in antique inspired lockets which were quite lovely. One of the fragrances in the line was Vetiver, apparently quite rare, so if you’re looking for it, this is the place!!

The cool factor of this part of Toronto went up instantly when I realized that across the street were the headquarters for Rue Morgue Magazine, a very neat-o horror movie magazine.

I liked that my interests in vintage jewelry, history, retro fashion and horror movies all made their way quite naturally into the last few weeks. What a great way to celebrate MisstoricalFiction’s blog anniversary. Gee, what shall I do next year!? Maybe I’ll buy a bottle of burbon and show you my Kentucky Chew 🙂

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