The Great Eldon House Ghost Hunt 2012

What do you get when you open the doors of London’s Eldon House to nearly 300 camera-toting ghost hunters?

Great pictures of fleeing ghosts of course! Or, at least a few shots of shadows or “orbs”.

Previously, we’ve held lectures at Eldon House about the Wenman Wynniatt ghost story; this year we wanted to do something a little more… interactive. Given the popularity of paranormal “research” television programmes, we thought it would be fun to try out an event with a ghost hunt theme.

The result: a lot of fun for all ages. Patrons who toured the house were greeted by a historical interpreter dressed in period costume. A “ghost map” showed all the paranormal hot-spots inside the house and described an eerie story that went along with each location. Visitors were encouraged to snap non-flash photos throughout the house and then share them via email or Facebook, particularly if they thought they caught something spectral on camera!

During the afternoon there were several reports of would-be Wenman Wynniatt sightings, provided by a sharply dressed volunteer, Mark Tovey! A few people even had the rare chance to catch him on film.

Dressed as Sarah Harris for the day, I received guests in Eldon House’s interpretive centre, where a short presentation about the ghost story could be watched; and, we also sported a display about our on-going research about Wenman Wynniatt and Sarah Harris. For some of the younger ghostbusters in attendance, we had some fun distractions for kids which included coloring and dressing up in the replica officer’s uniform.

Did you attend the event? Let me know what you thought by commenting below.

Did you take photos? Be sure to email them or share through Facebook and they’ll be featured here on this blog.

Do you want to know more about Eldon House’s oldest ghost story? Click here!

You can also visit MisstoricalFiction on YouTube.

Here are some more photos from the event. Thanks to everyone who came out and had a spooktackular time! (rolls-eyes) What a way to kick-off Hallowe’en!


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Historian, researcher and writer specializing in historical fiction with a supernatural twist. By day marketing specialist in the insurance industry.

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