Photo submissions – The Great Eldon House Ghost Hunt 2012

Photo #2

Submitted by Abby P, taken in the Green bedroom.

Abby says “We took this picture of the Green Room. We weren’t sure if there is a light behind the bed but we thought that you could check.”

We have confirmed that there was in fact a light behind the bed, creating the shadows seen in this photo. Nevertheless, this is a creepy picture and we enjoyed being spooked by it! – MisstoricalFiction

Photo #3

Submitted by Charles V., taken on the Eldon House grounds

Charles says “I have scoured the photographs that I took on Oct. 28th at Eldon House, at first believing that my camera had captured nothing out of the ordinary. But upon further examination, a chill went down my spine, as I have discovered that what I at first thought was a tall planter of crimson blooms, may in fact be some sort of a moving figure. In order to clarify, I have circled the apparent form in the photograph to highlight it in the scene. I will leave this image to persons with greater knowledge of the paranormal than myself to examine.”

What you likely see here is the children’s entertainment, Mark Tovey, playing Wenman Wynniatt, who was dressed in a replica red officers coat that day. However not being able to see his face, I can’t dismiss it either as a possible apparition. :) Either way, good catch Charles V., thanks for coming out to Eldon House! – MisstoricalFiction

Photo #1

Submitted by Kim Q, cell phone photo:

“As I was in the kitchen I took a picture and if you look at the bottom cupboard it appears as if a child is sitting or squatting down. There was no child there when the picture was taken.”

The circled area indicates the phenomenon – MisstoricalFiction

Samples to help you review your photos

Don’t forget, even if your picture from the event is just plain spooky feel free to submit it! We’d love to see them. You can submit photos by emailing, or by posting pictures on the MisstoricalFiction Facebook page.

Orb samples

Credit: The Paranormal Knights of London (Victoria Purcell)

Dust sample

Credit: The Paranormal Knights of London (Victoria Purcell)


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  1. That is creepy!

  2. Stuff like this makes me wonder if ghosts exist.

    • Thanks for visiting the blog! I totally agree. I approached this story with a bit of skepticism thinking it may have just been an urban legend but further research proved the story to be straight from Sarah Harris herself.

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