The Eldon House Paintings

On Friday, Nov. 16 I attended the opening reception for local artist Angela Lorenzen‘s exhibit, The Eldon House Paintings.

With approximately ten paintings depicting Eldon House, its rooms and artifacts, Angela has lovingly captured the detail and beauty of London’s oldest residence.

Whilst speaking with Angela, I realized how similar her Eldon House story was to mine…  the way the house seems to draw one in, producing a feeling of being frozen in time and creating a desire to learn more about the house and the family who lived there. It has an air of mystery and romance, but also a warmth and a welcoming effect that makes one feel at home.

Angela recalled reading the Eldon House diaries which I too have used during my research. She spoke about her enjoyment of going through its pages and getting a real sense of what the family’s everyday life must have been like. What was interesting to me was how Angela took note of particular artifacts or rooms that were mentioned in the diaries and then, after confirming these artifacts were still in the home, made them the subjects for her paintings. She spent time talking with Tara Wittman, Eldon House site co-ordinator, and photographed the rooms and objects to aid in her inspiration and research process.

Reviewing the paintings, you can appreciate her attention to detail not just with the artifacts, but with the shadows and light which help convey the very mood of the rooms in the house. The filtered light in the library where a lamp sits on a table near a window; the wood floors reflecting the light as the setting sun changes the ambiance in the stairway where the transition between the family’s quarters and the servants passageways is seen. These are all the subtle touches that identify an artist who’s paid attention to the personality and the essence of their subject.

Whether you know the house and its nooks and crannies, or have it on your destination list, Angela Lorenzen’s exhibit is a great way to tour the house through the eyes of another. The series also includes some stunning views of the nearby Thames River as well. The exhibit is on until Dec. 1 at the Art Exchange in Wortley Village.

What: Angela Lorenzen – The Eldon House Paintings
Where: The Art Exchange, 247 Wortley Road
Exhibition and Sale: November 13 – December 1, 2012

Tues/Friday – 10 – 5:30pm
Saturday – 10 – 5:00pm


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