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Norwich Family Steampunk Festival


A late summer afternoon is a great time for a drive in the country, and this time our destination was the Norwich Family Steampunk Festival, only about an hour away. We had a great time meeting steampunk and history enthusiasts, and enjoyed talking about historical clothing and the creating of personas for steampunk fun. All this over tea and fancy treats in a location steeped in history.

A welcome surprise was the extensive displays both inside and outside of the museum. The indoor exhibits were detailed and packed full of interesting collections.

The rest of the property offered historic buildings, re-creating a small village in the museum’s backyard.


There was even a general store display with an apothecary, complete with glass cases full of bottles and original packaging, and gorgeous woodwork.

The steampunk festival was hosted by Becky Stark , volunteer and festival co-organizer, alongside Elicia Garon, as a fundraiser for the Norwich Museum and Archives. The event included professional photographers, a costume contest, vendors, an interactive live animal booth, Victorian-era games and activities for children, museum tours, as well as demos on leather work, Victorian hairstyles as well as discussions on steampunk and Victorian culture. The organizers had great help from museum volunteers and close friends.

The photos speak for themselves. We had an excellent afternoon and want to go back soon to take a closer look at the museum exhibits and collection in more detail.

This event would be excellent as an annual festival, both as a fundraiser and a fun way to get surrounding communities to come together and celebrate heritage, art, culture, creativity and fellowship.

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