SANYO DIGITAL CAMERARoxanne Lutz is an editor, writer and local history researcher from London, Ontario, Canada.

While researching and writing about a local ghost story connected to Eldon House museum, she serves as the Publications Chair on the executive committee for the London & Middlesex Historical Society, and is the editor of their annual journal The London and Middlesex Historian. From 2012-2014 she served on the Eldon House Board of Directors as Vice-Chair.  Roxanne is also a member of the London Writers’ Society, the Jane Austen Society – London chapter, and the City of London Steampunk Society.

As an art lover and amateur photographer, she can be found snapping shots of anything from historic landmarks to sinister looking trees and using them as art in creative projects.

By day she can be found trekking to and from work in downtown London where she keeps busy with marketing projects of all shapes and sizes.

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  1. I am researching the 83rd Regiment in Canada. My GG Grandfather was member of this regiment and was stationed at the barracks in London where my G Grandmother was born. Information about the 83rd is sketchy, but I thought that I would ask if you had come across muster rolls in your research. Here is my effort to document some history of the 83rd http://www.appletons.ca/GEN/biographies/JamiesonSmith1810.pdf

    • Hi there! Yes I did come across the 83rds muster roll. I ordered it from Archives Canada through my public library (called an interlibrary loan). It was a microfiche which covered quite a bit of the 83rd regiment’s history and for some of the officers had individual pages on each of them. This would be a good place to start although from your PDF it sounds like you’ve managed to gather quite a bit of information on this officer.

      Aside from this another good source is the Hart’s military list…they published it at least 2 times a year back in the 1800s and it has indexes that will help locate individual officers. If you do a Google search you should be able to find them in pdf format. I have the 83rd printed off for at least 1837-1841…I’ve checked it but I don’t see a Jamieson Smith or anyone with that surname. But I’ve found errors on some of these lists so that isn’t a big surprise.

      Your next option is the UK national archives. They have an online catalogue that you can search and may have more info on the officer, although requesting copies of muster lists or searches of the muster lists does include a fee if you have to go beyond the online catalogue.

      Does anyone in your family have diaries/letters from any of these ancestors? It is surprising what is hidden in these types of documents/files. When your officer was discharged there would have been some official documents that the family may have held on to…this may include more info for you. The other place to look is a university library/archive in the area where the family finally settled…in this case it’s likely markham although you also mention they settled in england for a bit as well..if they have some sort of archive for local history, looking in their search engine/catalogue for letter or diary fonds is a good place to search. If you are aware of any connections they may have had in London to any of the prominent families there is also a chance this officer’s name may crop up in another families letter archive or diary, so if you are able to visit the UWO library archive in London this would also be a good place to check.

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions please let me know.

      Roxanne Lutz

  2. pauline blackwell

    Hello Roxanne. I hope this finds you well. This is Pauline from the City of London Steampunk Society. I am writing you to make a request for your assistance with our second annual Gala. If you would be able to donate an item to the raffle or perhaps like to book a venders table? I did not have a contact address for you so your “official” request letter is ready to email if you could kindly reply to me as below. Thank you for your consideration. Polly

  3. Hi, Roxanne. I was searching for a blaeberry pie recipe when I found the following lady and her website. I think you might like her site: http://www.missfoodwise.com/2012/07/blaeberry-pie-going-back-in-time.html/

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